Wawee Coffee: 20Bht off Promotion & Last Straw Music Festival #1

I was sitting in Wawee Bistro one day, looking at the plastic cup that used in the bistro and thinking; if the bistro sells approximately 200 cups a day, that will generate about 6,000 articles of waste a month and 72,000 a year Only one branch out of thirteen in Chiang Mai.

The problem is the use of plastic cups and inventory that comes with a Franchise management system. Aware of the problem, the Owner of Wawee Coffee has many projects in the works to decrease the use of plastic in his coffee shops. Hopefully, they will launch this year.

The first step he is taking is joining “The Last Straw Project,” which gives 20 bht off to customers who bring their own cup.

“The Last Straw” crew will also organize a free show, the Last Straw Music Festival at Wawee Bistro on January 9th in the evening. So stay tuned.

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“The Last Straw Music Festival #1 “ at Wawee Bistro

Bands: North Gate Big Band, KEE BHO, Papapao

Time: 16.00-19.00

Cost: FREE

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