Wawee Bistro: New Year New Concept

Leelawat Mankongtiphan, Chef Nan, just opened his Cuisine De Garden Bangkok restaurant six months ago. Needless to say, he is a very busy man, but that will not stop him from taking another step forwards and joining Wawee Bistro. This new partnership will have positioned as the new chef and creative force behind the new menu. His selections are a perfect fit for Wawee Bistro’s vision. Wawee has always pushed for using local and sustainable ingredients. Chef Nan has always sourced his ingredients from the Royal Project farms and local producers. As an avid nature lover and as a chef he loves to use fresh ingredients to compose his dishes. We can expect a touch of Fine Dining and a quality mouthwatering new menu in Wawee Bistros immediate future.

Chef Nan

From not knowing how to cook to being self-taught to taking free cooking courses. When you hear about Chef’s Nan culinary journey is unorthodox.  His first introduction to culinary training came from a Japanese cooking course he took. This is where he discovered that cooking not only was he a natural but enjoyed the whole process. Soon after he was fortunate enough to enroll in a European Cuisine course that lasted around seven months. After finishing the cooking class, he opened Cusine de Garden a French bistro. Chef admits failed miserably and eventually had to be shut down.

Not one to give up he began to study cuisine through youtube videos and even learning the process of Molecular Gastronomy through these videos. He also began to enter cooking contests to not only challenge himself but to learn. Since many competitions are time-based with a limited amount of supplies, he quickly learned new skills.  After gaining experience and with new techniques under his sleeve he reopened his restaurant this time just as Cuisine de Garden. After two years opened, he started to gain a buzz and was asked to compete in the TCA International Competitions. This is an experience he would be forever grateful for as he got to work with so many talented chefs, he learned from and of course competing against top talent from around the world brought opened his eyes to another world.

This has been the journey of Chef Nan, from not knowing how to cook to owning and operating a well respected fine dining restaurant. Only time will tell what the future holds.


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