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Two to Tango

The Chef Series saw a collaboration between Chef Gunn Sorawis Saengvanich, Chef Gem Sirivarit Sinitsongkun, and Magnolia Café. Two to Tango was an exquisite display of creative plating, blending of flavors, and challenging attendees senses. Magnolia Café also adds to the whole experience, as you get to see the chefs work in an open kitchen setting. Elegant and inviting every baht spent at Magnolia is a baht well spent for a gastronomy enthusiast.


Two to tango featured all together around 11 dishes, all delicious and satisfying in their own right. However, I would like to do a quick overview of the evening that impressed visually and gastronomically. Chef Gunn and Chef Gem are truly two gifted chefs, I can only imagine as from what i saw the sky is the limit for them. Funny enough I think my thoughts and experience can be summarized with the first two dishes that crossed my fork.

The first thing to greet my table was a rustic looking Tomato Focaccia that was served with a side of tomato butter. Thinking to my self, visually this just pedestrian. I was left a bit underwhelmed.  Of course, that was before I took the first bite! From explosive bursts of intense flavors coming from the tomatoes to the butter, every bite was better than the next. My only complaint is that it ended all too quickly.

The Amuse Bouche listed on the menu as Onion soup, cheesy mustard, puffed rice cracker, vegetable charcoal, and citrus. As it was placed before me, visually my eyes were drawn to puffed rice cracker as it took most of the space on the plate. As I turn to look at the menu to make sure what I’m eating, my eyes stop at the word soup. I do a double take at my plate and wonder where my soup had gone. I look at the rice cracker, and my eyes look at the plate containing a small crispy sphere and again look at the menu. Lost in confusion for a second, I finally realize that vessel this crispy ball is sitting in is where an onion soup would most likely be served in, internally agreeing that this is the case I reach for my spoon.

As the spoon begins to penetrate the outer layer of the crispy globule, a gooey substance begins to flow out of the cracks. Sitting in my seat, feeling vindicated, I move my spoon to scoop the first taste. My eyes light up, nestled inside that little crispy orb laid an incomparably delicious and heartwarming soup. Crunchy, savory and a feeling of home. Realizing that the chefs fooled me with the first visually humble offering. Foolishly assuming this would be a more down to earth rustic type of dinner. I was thankfully completely wrong.

I will list the full menu below menu along with slider of pictures for those curious to see the whole experience.

magnolia cafe, chiang mai, top chef

Mussel viennoise, Leek


-Tomato focaccia, Tomato butter

Amuse Bouche
– Onion Soup, cheesy mustard,
Puffed rice crackers,

Starter: Three dishes at once
– Watermelon Ice, Jelly Dash, Bacon, Crispy Shallot,

– Mussel Viennoise, Leek Carrots

– Charred Zucchini, Pistachio

– Chestnut Veloute, Apple and Chestnut Confit

Main Pre,
-Mushroom, Duck Industrial This Egg Herbs, Jus a-Mushroom

Main Course
-Black Cod Marinated in Miso, Onion Compote Miso
-Lamb Chop, Brassicas, Shrimp Paste Jus

-Mulberry Rosella Peppercorn Sabayon, Orange Almond Cake,
-Marian Plum Ice Cream, White Chocolate Crumble

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