Located in Hang Dong, Triplets menu is vast with dishes that include Italian style pizza to Thai cuisine. They strive to cook their meals with mainly organic ingredients. But what brought us to their table is their  Mediterranean dishes, and we were not disappointed.

The cold tapas plate came with a great selection of food to snack on, from their homemade Hummus, Eggplant Caviar, Tabbouleh, Tahini Sauce, Bruschetta, and Flatbread. The Tabbouleh was so fresh and savory I could not stop my self from eating it, they also mixed in some dry grapes that add some sweetness to the dish that complimented it so well. The Tahini sauce was also tasty, and I could not help but drizzle it on everything!

 Sicilian Couscous is perfect for seafood lovers! Served with a side of soup and a South African chili paste known as Harissa. You would take your Harrisa paste that has great flavoring and has quite a kick to it, and you can put as much as you like, you would then get this soup and generously pour over it the section you were going to eat. Exquisite!

Now the best for last! For me, this dish stole the show, Navarin d’angeau. Yes, I know it is not Mediterranean but this French style lamb stew… wow! The meat was just so tender. The sauce rich, savory and just good to the last drop.


Business Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 (closed Mondays)

Telephone: 053 441 369

Address: Hang Dong, 50230 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Website: Triplets Eat & Play



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