The Redbox Restaurant

Hidden in an almost desolate alley, sits a hidden cuisine gem. Serving a fusion between western dishes with Thai flavors Redbox is one of the newest restaurants arriving in Chiang Mai’s ever-growing culinary scene. A fine dining establishment that’s settings and decor match the haute dishes. Their attention to detail and ingredients cannot be overlooked as even the most straightforward items on the menu receive a meticulous treatment. I watched attentively as the matcha tea is made by hand. Not an uncommon thing, but when I had a sip, I was surprised at the sweetness of the drink. Why is this is a surprise you may ask yourself as reading this? Because according to our server this tea had no sugar added. The sweetness came from the matcha itself. Robust in flavor with sweet notes dancing on the tongue after every sip.

The Food


The first dish to arrive at our table was the Scallop Carpaccio. A beautifully plated meal is almost too pretty to eat. Of course, you would miss out on a delicious meal. Served with extra virgin olive oil, lemon grass, and some chili peppers, this has Thai flavors embedded into every crevice. It’s a perfect dish to be eaten in the famed hot Thai days. It is refreshing, tangy, and has a slight kick from the red peppers.


Hokkaido Octopus, sous vide and finished in the high-pressure cooker. Shallot and crispy onion puree. The meal was a delightful surprise for me, and it always is a hit or miss for me when it comes to eating octopus. I’m sure we all have encountered the rubbery, chewy textures that mollusk can have, that was not the case here. The octopus was very tender, and the texture was excellent. The puree complemented the consistency and taste of the octopus and balanced the dish.


Butter prawns in a lightly salted egg battered. The salted egg crazy right now is strong. It can be seen in numerous style of snacks, desserts, and foods from convenient stores like 711 all the way up to fine dining. This was my first experience eating salted egg flavors with shrimp. Luxurious and decadence are the first words that came to mind when i first had a taste of this dish. The shrimp was cooked faultlessly, fans of salted eggs would ultimately love this dish.


Canadian Lobster Tail served with topped with a prawn bisque sauce and served with a tom yum risotto. Of all the dishes I had on this day, this one, I believe absolutely represents what this restaurants mission — western dishes with Thai flavors. The tom yum risotto was absolutely delicious and harmonized with flavors of the lobster and bisque. Beautifully to look and pleasant experience from beginning to end.


 The last dish was their award-winning Panang Curry Lamb. Imported from Australia, the lamb chops were marinated with Thai herbs. This was to help subdue the gamey flavor that lamb might have for some. This dish is served with a healthy amount and thick panang curry. The lamb is first grilled, and then swtich to sit in simmering panang sauce. The sweetness from the cocnut milk is evident but it never distracts from the dish. It compliments the lamb quite well and the sauce is just divine.

From beginning to end The Redbox Restaurant impressed. They sit on a beautifully landscaped space and their staff is very professional and attentive. For being in business for no more than a year, I expect them to grow even bolder playing with more ideas and concepts. I would love to see them bring in more of the spicer end of the flavor spectrum, but they are producing quality dishes with a service to match. I think they fit in perfectly with ever-growing culinary scene of Chiang Mai.

The Redbox Restaurant

Business Hours: 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Telephone:  092 979 4542

Address: No. 6 Jannsaap Alley, Huay Keaw Rd Chiang Mai, Thailand

Facebook Website: The Redbox Restaurant

No. 6 Jannsaap Alley, Huay Keaw Rd Chiang Mai, Thailand

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