Taste of Vietnam at Holiday Inn

Taste of Vietnam starts today!

Holiday Inn has brought in two Chefs straight from Vietnam just for this short time event. The Chefs let us know that there will be Vietnamese staples like Pho being served but the main dishes were foods that were local favorites from where they are from. 

Noodles like this caught me by surprise but the Chefs let me know these were a local favorite where they grew up.

I had the Hanoi Fresh Spring Rolls and it was tasty! I wanted more! It was paired with an exquisite side salad that just had me coming back for more. It was also served with a nice dipping sauce.

Taste of Vietnam will be buffet style so it’s an all you can eat affair. Now I know many visiting Thailand are always concerned with spiciness and while the food is full of flavor it is not spicy. It starts today Oct 2nd and the 11th will be the final day that the Holiday Inn will be hosting a Taste of Vietnam. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Sunday – Tuesday 569 baht
Wednesday – Thursday will also include Japanese food 669 baht
Friday to Saturday includes Seafood Jao – 799 baht


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