Steaks of Chiang Mai

Good quality Beef has not always been the easiest thing to find in Thailand. For many years, many expats and locals recommend passing on the local beef or any beef is generally served in restaurants or local markets.
Nowadays, it’s a different story. From French cattle breeds being raised in Thailand to imported beef cuts, there are now many excellent choices but let us start with the basics that you will see. Picking out a steak can be done based on choosing the cut, the grade, and whether or not the beef has been aged — another consideration: the cow’s diet.

Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed Beef

Most of the beef imported into Thailand usually comes from 3 countries, New Zealand, Australian, and USA. New Zealand and Australia beef are, for the most part, grass-fed. While the USA Beef is mostly grain-fed.
You may be asking yourself, “Does a cow’s diet make any difference when it comes to flavor.”

Grain-fed beef has always been promoted as richer and fattier. While grass-fed beef has been recognized as leaner and sometimes chewy with a gamey/ earthier taste, this is not regularly the case, though, as cuts of meat do play a factor in the taste results. For example, leaner cuts like strip steaks make it harder to distinguish the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef. However, fattier rib-eyes, the difference in flavors between both steaks is more apparent. Some mention that the grain-fed cow will be richer in flavors, and a grass-fed steak seems to have earthier notes. Choosing which is better is subjective as preference in flavors comes into to play here.

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The word marbling refers to white flecks and streaks of fat within the lean sections of meat that resembles a marble pattern. Also called intramuscular fat, marbling adds flavor and is one of the main criteria for judging the quality of meat cuts. In general, the more marbling it contains, the better a cut of meat is.

This is not the same as the layer of fat on the outside of the steak, which can be trimmed away. Nor is it layers of fat between two separate muscles, like you’ll see in chuck roasts. Marbling is strictly the specks of fat that occur within the meat itself.

How to order a steak?

The truth about cooking is the longer you grill any meat, the more it loses moisture. The longer you cook a steak, it warms up, the muscle fibers contract, and gets firmer, and while the juices cook out, resulting in a steak that is not only the dry but tougher as well. Unless you were trying to make beef jerky, the steak is ruined.

What makes Medium-rare steaks so popular with most carnivores is that it gives you the highest result in tenderness and juiciness while ensuring that the steak center is warm. It is perfect. The center of a medium-rare steak will be pink with just a tiny bit of red in the center. Every bite is succulent and delicate, while the charred outer layer gives a depth of texture and flavor that steak lovers adore.

The Dukes Restaurant

The Duke’s was the first American restaurant by the Ping River in Chiang Mai. Started in 2005 The Duke’s has become a staple among locals, expats and digital nomads. The quality of the food is always of the highest caliber that is matched by the servings. True to its American roots The Duke’s does not shy away from giving the customers hearty portions. As one of the pioneers of establishing a foreign eatery in Chiang Mai, many take for granted the dedication to quality that The Dukes brings. Almost everything is made in house from bread to making their own pickles that go on their delicious burgers. A restaurant that has been so meticulous in constructing their menu would not overlook the quality of beef their restaurants carry.

From Australian to U.S steaks, The Dukes has done their due diligence on the type and quality of the steaks their restaurant serves, and they are no slouch when it comes to steaks. We got to try the Australian Prime Sirloin Rump. Gorgeously cooked to a medium rare with a marvelous crust. The real star for me was the US Boneless Prime Rib. The grain fed steak was had a gorgeous marbling was 400 grams of foodie heaven.

Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 pm ( Last order 10:30 pm)
Contact: Call 053-249-231 or Address: 49/4-5 Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd., T.Watkate A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 Website: The Dukes

The Dukes has 3 other locations, please check their website for the other locations.

Le Crystal Restaurant

Le Crystal is a stunning French fine dining establishment located on the banks of the Ping River in Chiang Mai. For over a decade, patrons have been charmed by this restaurant’s outstanding service and exceptional standards of cuisine. Coordinated with the finest wines, Le Crystal offers the best of a fine dining experience in a secluded, intimate setting.

While your eyes enjoy the beautiful settings your taste buds can be delighted by Le Crystals US Prime Strip Loin. Perfectly grilled this steak will satisfy your carnivore cravings. For a truly wonderful experience be sure to order a glass wine to complete your meal. For a decadent experience, you can not miss out on the Hidagyu strip loin. Graded at A4 this steak is an indulgent treat that will have your eyes rolling back. It almost instantly melts in your mouth, and the buttery textures are amazing. Only a short drive from the heart of Chiang Mai, Le Crystal is the perfect venue and an excellent choice for a night out.

Time: 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Contact: Call 053 218 059 or Address: 74/2 Paton Rd., T.Paton, A.MuangChiang Mai, Thailand Website: Le Crystal

Medium Rare

Medium Rare is a wonderful steakhouse located in the Mae Hia area of Chiang Mai. It is the newest additions to the culinary scene in Chiang Mai and they are providing a great service for carnivores. They carry all types of steaks from T-bones to dry age ribeye and also cook it in various ways as well. From pan to charcoal grill Medium Rare has anything and everything that steak lovers crave.

The T-Bone steak was pan cooked and plated beautifully. The wonderful thing about the Tbone is that you get to enjoy tenderloin filet and the other is a top loin which is better known a New York Strip Steak. The following steak we had was the 1-kilo ribeye steak. Cooked just the way I like it, Medium Rare. Juicy and tender this is one of the best steaks I’ve had in Thailand. Especially for my palate since it was cooked on a charcoal grill, so it has the charred outer layer and smoky flavors that I love. If you’re a fan of charcoal flavors like I am, the Ribeye steak is perfect for you.

Closed every Monday
Time: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Contact: Call 094 242 5266 or Address: 108 12 Somphot Chiang Mai 700 Pi Rd, อำเภอ เมือง Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50100 Thailand Website: Medium Rare

Steak of the Day

Steak of the Day is a lovely restaurant located in the district of Mae Rim. Though these beautifully plated dishes have fine dining feel the restaurant itself has a very casual and laid back vibe. The dish in the main photo is a Rib Eye Australian Grain Fed steak served with a side of chanterelle mushrooms and potato souffle. It tasted as good as it looks, marvelous!

The second dish to come our way was the stunning Ossobucco. Gorgeously plated, I felt underdressed eating this meal. However, this is the biggest charm of Steak of the Day. Its fine-dining cuisine in a laid back casual setting accessible to everyone. It truly offers the best of both worlds.

Time: 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Contact: Call 081 256 7292 Address: 399 M. 1 Mae Rim plaza ตำบล ริมใต้ อำเภอ แม่ริม เชียงใหม่ Website: Steak of the Day

Tender Valley

Tender Valley is an excellent option for those looking for an interactive experience with their steak. Providing a hands-on bbq experience that the whole family can enjoy. Each table comes with a tabletop burner, a cast iron skillet, seasonings, and sauces. I prefer to cook my steak with just olive oil, butter, and salt but if you want to get more creative Tender Valley has you covered.

The prices start at just 590 baht! This includes a Thai Ribeye steak, Australian Strip-loin, and US Brisket. The one in the picture is the Family set, which costs 990 baht, which includes an extra US Brisket, Pork Shoulder, and an option between skin/skinless pork belly, bacon, or sausage. They also carry a big selection of spices and marinades. And of course, it wouldn’t be a bbq without some beer! They have two craft beers on tap and a respectable selection of bottled beers, liquor, and wine.

Time: 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Contact: 089 559 8080 Address: 999 M.2 Chonprathan Rd, Mae Hia, muang, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 5010 Website: Tender Valley

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