Seafood Jao at Holiday Inn

Most people, like me, do not usually eat hotel food because the food feels cold and soulless. So as you can guess there are very few hotels that I like to go to and dine. The Holiday Inn is one of them. I was able to have a feast without breaking the bank! I had to adjust the car seat before going home and prayed I didn’t fall victim to “the itis”. But for a long time, I refused to go until I starting hearing people talking about this incredible buffet that I just had to try. The quality made sure I stayed and ate until closing time.


I came and decided to sit outside. Why? Because it had just stopped raining, I had a beautiful view, the grass was green, the wind was cool, and of course, I had chosen the oysters to keep me happy. Healthy looking and sitting on ice. Squeezing a little lemon juice, a little hot sauce. Immediate satisfaction as soon the shell touches your lips. It has the smell and taste of the sea. The oysters here are very fresh and for the price, you’re paying it’s a  steal!  No matter what part of the world you are in eating oysters A La Carte is always expensive.


The sun still shining, I move on to the raw fish! The Sashimi was delicious! The tuna meat was firm. Salmon had beautiful streaks. The cold dishes from the kitchen also included fresh shellfish in the way of New Zealand Shrimp! Perfect with the seafood sauce. This was all very nice I to say. I had to stop and remind my self that I have only tried the cold dishes and not forget about the cooked dishes! After sitting by the river and enjoying the view, the sun begins to disappear so it’s time to move indoors and start on the hot dishes.


From the cool breeze into the heat of the kitchen. The flames were roaring as the chefs were working the grill. They had fish. They had shrimp They had crabs. Oh my… the grilled fished fillet was my favorite with a side of calamari. The meat is soft, delicious, I did not need to eat dipping sauce. The roasted mollusks had a sweet taste to them. Everything on my table was like art. p6102300

The fundamental difference of this buffet is that food is not sitting in some bin already pre cooked.  You see the Chef and cooks working hard behind the counter making food to order and you get to see them when they’re placed on the trays.  Holiday Inn’s Seafood Jao buffet is a concept that allows customers to choose the seafood how they want it. I  can order my food to boil, grilled, or sauteed and I can also choose the sauce. The kitchen is quite busy with these orders but I am ok with that because I want to eat something fresh and fresh. But during the wait for fresh food, there are plenty of other options that I took advantage of so my taste buds didn’t feel so lonely.p6102332

After eating and eating plates of food I had to go to wash my face, wash my hands and fill up what little space I had left with dessert and a cup of tea. If sweets are not your thing they do have a table filled with fresh fruits ready to be devoured.



If you’re in Chiang Mai make sure you stop by either Friday or Saturday evening. From 6:30 to 10:30 and only costs 699 baht. Make sure you bring your stretchy pants!

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