Puripai Villa in Pai

 Known for its bohemian inspired tourists and visitors many seem to overlook the innate beauty  Pai has to offer. From its picturesque landscapes to culinary offerings it is no surprise to find a luxurious situated so close to a vibrant growing town. Puripai Villa has all the qualities and offerings to deliver the mood of being in the middle of nowhere yet having all the comforts of modern day life at your fingertips. Taking in the view and the feel of the resort it fits perfect for honeymooners or couples that seek a not so secluded getaway. It has a serene natural feel with a comfortable atmosphere that makes you wish you could stay forever.The resort positioned on a hillside has lush gardens and a magnificent view of Pai’s gorgeous mountains.

In the morning as I would wake up to stretch on my balcony only to find myself surrounded by a celestial sea of clouds. Though it seems it was neverending as soon as the sun would rise you would slowly disappear.  Which meant it was time to have breakfast. Taking full advantage of the breakfast bar, I  also loved to order the egg and bacon breakfast quesadilla in the mornings. With such a breathtaking backdrop accompanying my spread, the only thing that could have made my morning whole would have been some homemade salsa for my quesadillas!

 I had the pleasure of staying in the Deluxe Rooms which have a contemporary design. The resort combined exposed bricks with wood accents to give a rustic but warm natural character. The beds were so incredibly comfortable that it made it remarkably arduous to get out of bed.  Anytime it began to rain I quietly told myself, “There ain’t no need to go outside…”. The mattresses and pillow are magical! It has been ages since I have had a night of sleep and woken up feeling refreshed.

Now there were some issues with the temperature of the water, but after talking with management, they acknowledge and are already working on resolving it soon. However, the professionalism and courtesy displayed by the staff were appreciated. Especially since I carelessly left behind one of my cameras! The Puripai staff quickly discovered it and had it at the front desk upon my arrival. Beautiful rooms, secluded location, courteous and reliable team.. what else do you need?

Puripai Villa
130 M. 5 T. Mae Na Theung, Ampur Pai, Mae Hong Son, 58130
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PHONE : (+66)0 53 065192, 086 339 4048

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