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Since the launch of the Bangkok Michelin Star Guide Thailand has been buzzing with pride and delight. So they should be! Bangkok is not a newcomer to the Michelin Star Guide, touring chefs touting their star credentials are a regular sight in restaurants across the city. It is also famous around the world as a street food destination but this new accolade Bangkok has now risen the culinary ranks to join the likes of Tokyo and Hong Kong.

With all this commotion Chiang Mai has been left to ask, “What can we do to  reach the next level?”No slouch in the culinary world, Chiang Mai produces some of the best ingredients that top chefs from all over Thailand use in their kitchens. Products that come from the Royal Project, which has helped farmers in Northern Thailand as well in Chiang Mai using sustainable methods. The foundation for culinary greatness has already been set down.

The Next Level

Shangri – La is one of the few who sees potential in Chiang Mai. They believe it can help propel the culinary scene to the next level. After all at the site of greatness always brings challenges and motivation. This is also not the first time Shangri – La has brought in a high caliber chef to Chiang Mai. In December of last year, they had Michelin Star rated Chef Alfonso Caputo, who dazzled local gastronomic enthusiast with Southern Italian inspired flavors. Shangri – La indeed might be ushering a new culinary era in Chiang Mai.

With their next event, they are presenting a first of its kind for Chiang Mai. Michelin Star Chef Marco Stabile will be showing off his culinary skills to the delight of all culinary enthusiasts at Shangri-La. You will be able to pamper your palate with a unique culinary exploration by relishing in northern Italian flavors, skillfully composed by Chef Marco Stabile, from Ora Daria restaurant, in Florence, Italy.  Italian food lovers from all over Northern Thailand can enjoy the most genuine Italian cuisine, through a choice between a 4-course and 6-course menus with selected paired wines.

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Michelin Star Chef Marco Stabile

Marco has worked all over Tuscany gaining experience in establishments such as the Salotto del Chianti and Osteria di Passignano. He has also had the opportunity to work at two Michelin Star rated Arnolfo, where he worked Chef Gaetano Trovato. It was under Chef Travatos tutelage that he learned many of the skills that would help in his development as a chef.

In 2005, Marco set up his restaurant, Ora d’Aria, in the heart of Florence. With the vision of modernizing and innovating Tuscany’s dishes and turning them into something unexpected and enjoyable. Of course, not everything in life is comfortable. The road for Marco as a business owner was tough for a couple of years. Marco did not pay himself a salary for the first three years!  He worked every day to turn his dreams into reality. A skill that shows the real mark of a Master, no matter what their craft.

This was not his only challenge. No matter what part of the world you live, as human beings we are sometimes adverse to change. Many locals were incredibly protective of their Tuscan culinary traditions and averse to anyone modifying their beloved dishes. Because food is not just food, we all have memories linked to the food we enjoy. Individually, we all have one recipe that we can bite into, and it will instantly take us down memory lane. As a chef and a fanatic of food  Marco understands this as well, and in 2011 Marco won his first Michelin star.


Dates & Booking

31 January – 4 February 2018
11:30 – 2.30 p.m.
THB 1,588++ per person
6 – 10 p.m.
THB 2,488++ per person (includes a selection of Italian wines)
Dhala pool garden, level 1

Advance Reservation Required, Limited Seating Available.
Call: +66 53 253 888


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