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A Food Trek Through The Mekong

Encompassed by the shimmering temple, pagodas and bustling streets of Chiang Mai’s Old City sits Mekong. Nestled inside the newly opened Sice Garden, the Mekong offers one of the best of French-inspired Indochine Cuisine experience you can find in Northern Thailand.

 From China to Vietnam, the Mekong River is the lifeblood of Southeast Asia. The river offers a glimpse into the long history and diverse cultures of the region. Join award-winning Chef Tiw Rakarin as he takes you on a delicious journey through the cultures and beautiful foods that span the Mekong River. The restaurant’s menu is filled with dishes that are inspired by the six nations that the Mekong River flows through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. With such a broad spice and essence palette to choose from, it is no small feat to color the canvas that is the Mekong menu. Chef Tiw’s menu’s inspiration comes from the countless experiences from his extensive travels and commitment to studying the diverse cuisines of the world. this menu is a combination of every methods, elements, and plates he has blended to find his own identity

Mekong’s culinary exploration traverses through beloved Southeast Asia entrees, shared dishes, and adding its own twist. From spicy to sweet to savory, there is a dish here to satisfy the palate of any picky eater. Combine these flavors with the elegant plating of the courses and luxurious feel of the restaurant, and you’re in for a wonderful night.

Inspired by China: Pork hock / Tamarind Yuzu / Granny Smith salad / Roasted Chilli/

Crispy Pork Hock

Tender and juicy pork hock are cooked for over 16 hours, then shaped into cubes and batter-fried with cassava flour. The flour helps create a crunchy outer texture while the inside is incredibly moist, which melts in the mouth. The sweet yuzu and green apple sauce add a sweet, tart, and freshness to the dish that adds a sharp contrast but compliments the dish.

Inspired by Myanmar: Tiger Prawns/ Curry paste/ Mango Pureé/ Mango Salsa/ Chilli Tuile

Spice Ball

Tiger Prawns/ Curry paste/ Mango Pureé/ Mango Salsa/ Chilli Tuile
Tiger Prawns, crispy rice, formed into a red curry ball. They are beautifully plated and topped with a delicate and vibrant red tuile. The Spice Ball is placed on top of mango salsa, and a light mango puree gives this dish a vibrant note.

Inspired by Laos: Crispy Smoke Gourami/ Winged Bean /Anchovy /Brown Sugar Dressing/ Rice Cracker

Spicy Gourami

This Laos inspired dish is both filled with different textures and flavors. The vibrant colors of the dish complements the beautiful plating. The salad is a great dish to enjoy on a hot day.

Inspired by Thailand

Mekong Catfish

This dish was the most surprising one for me. A thick cut of catfish perfectly seasoned with herbs made it amazingly fragrant. A perfect crust from being pan-searing added a nice feel to the outside, while remaining remarkably moist. This was by far my favorite dish.

Inspired by Vietnam: Squid ink Dumpling/ Crab Meat /Squid Orange Zest /Hanoi Pho Consume

Squid Ink Dumpling

Crab stuffing and squid ink are inspired by Vietnamese culinary methods, while the stock is poured from a teapot. A Vietnamese beloved staple pho compromised from a fragrant base of star anise, cinnamon, chicken bones, and onion. This dish is cooked for 6 hours before it is served in the evening.

Inspired by Cambodia: Royal Seafood Amok/ Homemade Chilli Jam Sauce/ Tomato/ Onion/ Asparagus

Cambodia Amok

Amok, literally meaning ‘steam cooked fish’ is a traditional dish of Cambodian cuisine. The Mekong has taken this dish and added its own twist. Instead of only using fish, this dish has various seafood in it. While aromatic and pulsing with colors, it is delicate and slightly sweet. This plate is heaven for any seafood lover.

Spice Garden
17 Soi 5 Moonmuang Rd,T. Sriphum, Muang Chiang Mai

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