Maejo Krapow Tad

Krapow everything! Outside the city, there is a restaurant named Maejo Krapow Tad (กะเพราถาด แม่โจ้) that specializes in making only one dish, Karpow. However, you do have a wide selection of meats to choose from like fried chicken, ground pork, squid, bacon, squid, ground chicken, and fried pork. Order one or order all of them it’s up to you.

 Now, these dishes can get extremely big. The biggest one with all meats costs 300 baht and can feed five people. However, it’s oh so good! Moreover, You can choose from 5 levels of how spicy you want this dish! I can’t honestly recommend this place enough, and it is well deserving of the trip.

กะเพราถาด แม่โจ้ / Maejo Krapow Tad

Hours: 8:00 AM – 16:00 PM

Telephone: 053498894

 Address: ซอยทุ่งหมื่นน้อย สามแยกสายเก่า สายใหม่ หน้าม.แม่โจ้
สันทราย 50290

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