Little Cook’s

A family-style small kitchen located on the northern side of the city that first started its culinary journey by making handmade pizza, but like any business, this restaurant grew and changed with its customers. That doesn’t mean you that they’re not adventurous as they were one of the first in Chiang Mai to experiment with Japanese twists on American Classics. The owner of Little Cooks is very proud that they do a healthy twist to everything they do and it’s easy to see as the vegetables to the fruits was of all high quality and taste.

Besides making sure he gets the freshest Ingredients, the owner has gone out of his to customize and design unique furniture for his restaurant himself. Even building a couple of the tables and room himself! There is a retro and hip-hop atmosphere with skateboard decks decorating the wall. The atmosphere that you feel at Little Cook’s is that of visiting an old friend as the workers and the owners are very welcoming.

Recommendations: Salads, Fruit Smoothies

Hours 18:00 – 21:00

Closed Sunday

Little Cooks

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