LamunLamai Home Cafe

On the outskirts of Chiang Mai in the subdistrict of San Sai sits a charming coffee shop named LamunLamai Home Cafe. Surrounded by plenty of greenery, the inside of this cafe is wonderfully decorated. It has a sophisticated but playful feel that I think anyone could enjoy. lamun lamai, san sai, chiang mai cafe, chiang mai As soon as you arrive, you’re greeted by what looks like an overgrown greener, but this is crucial to the feel of the coffee shop. When you walk in you, feel like you’re walking into a hidden private space. Right away you’re greeted by a small koi pond which was not precisely what i was expecting when I was walking in, but it did add to the overall feel of the cafe.chiang mai cafe, lamunlamai, chiang mai review, chiang mai cafe's

I was taken aback that I had to take my shoes off to enter the cafe. However, they did provide sandals, but they were way too small for me. LamunLamia has a tranquil feel; it would fit the needs of someone who wants to spend a lazy afternoon reading a book and sipping a cup of joe. Or if you feel like relaxing in the afternoon with a friend or maybe you want to impress a date, LamunLamai fits the role.

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LamunLamai Eats

We had the Tiramisu cake, Coconut ice cream, blueberry muffin and an Iced Cappuccino. The pastries available at LamunLamai  Home Cafe are moderately priced, but the quality and taste are above their price point. The Tiramisu, for me, so far this has to be the best I’ve had in Chiang Mai. LamunLamai is also known for their red rose chocolate mousse cake, which you can see here. This cake alone is worth a trip outside the city. lamunalamai, chiang mai cafe, cafe, ice cream, coconut ice cream


Hours: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Closed Every Wednesday)

Telephone: 053 498 695

 Address: 123 ม.13 ต.ป่าไผ่ อ.สันทราย
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50210

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