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Lamchang: A foodie adventure

This is a community that has been 100% reliant on tourists for almost two generations. When the COVID Crisis-hit Chiang Mai, the people’s income fell down to 0. Many stores and restaurants have had to close. Because this has been a tourist area for so long, many locals think that this community serves only foreigners and foreign food, which can be expensive. In fact, it’s quite just the opposite because this community has supported mostly BackPackers, the prices are quite affordable. For example, you can get a high-quality donut, 25 baht per piece, 35 baht for a bowl of ramen. You can also get cold-pressed concentrated vegetable juice for 35 baht pr 3 bottles of a 100 baht.

Good Monday

This is a small donut shop in front of the Sompet market. It has been opened for a little over a year now. Inside there is a small but diverse option of delicious-looking donuts. The main recipe that is used here is that of yeast donuts. The bread is light, soft, and they offer 12 flavors in total. Original flavor donuts price starts at 25 baht. The shop opens at 9.00, but ready-to-sell donuts will be around 9:30 p.m.
Make sure you try or put in your order early. They are usually sold out by noon. The donuts are all gone because they only make 100 pieces a day. Call ahead and reserve a day in advance so you won’t be disappointed at 086 042 9938.

Facebook Fanpage: Good Monday

Sompet Market

Sompet or Ming Mueang Market, as it was known before it was expanded, is a fresh market in the city center. This area used to be a bustling, vibrant with plenty of foot traffic that kept the local vendors busy. Of course, with the passage of time, there is always change. But with the latest crisis it has pushed some vendors out sooner than expected. Regardless this market still holds plenty of history of what Chiang Mai was. For those curious, inside, there is a vintage hair salon and a museum that has documented the happening throughout the years around the area.

At Sompet market, there is a small shop that sells noodles for only 25 baht per set. The noodles sold here is Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiew and different soups such as green curry, and fish curry.
You can order in advance by calling 081 0604879.


Orathai meat and pork shop at Sompet Market is a shop front with a production base nearby Wat Phrao Chang Community. The previous generation of Chiang Mai people It is often bought as a souvenir for people in Bangkok. Because of good quality beef and pork, delicious seasoning, want to order, call 053 449049 and 053 275637

Facebook Fanpage: อรทัย

Lung Neng Fish Shop

One of the Sompet Market staples, this mackerel shop, has been selling at the Sompet market for a long time. Of course, no matter what climate, no one lasts long as a seller if you do not sell a good product. This shop’s mackerel will more than satisfy your needs.

Across the alley from the market, there are plenty of food stalls lined up against the wall. They are open for sale all day, including fried chicken, roasted pork, pork belly, chili paste, sticky rice, and Northern sausage.


Besides its location, this hostel is an anomaly itself besides being an updated modern chic building that was obviously targeting a younger crowd as well as Digital Nomads. There are also many small outlet eateries within the hostel itself. They have a restaurant called Hungry Bird that uses local ingredients, as well as hosting Chefs Tables. A bakery-cafe named Greedy Beast Café. They produce fresh pastries daily, and I recommend their bagel and cookies. There is also a bar selling beer and cocktails called Nok Bar.

Facebook Fanpage: Thunder Bird Hostel

Da’s Home Bakery

Walking out of Thunder Bird Hostel, walking further into the alley. On the left-hand side, there is another bakery here; everything in this shop is homemade. P ‘Da, the shop owner, is very diligent as they also make desserts for nearby guesthouses. The inhouse products include freshly baked bread, cookies, croissants, yogurt, chocolates, and croissants. The shop is open from 6:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.


On the same side of the street, you will also come across an Indian Restaurant named Indish. It is an authentic Indian restaurant, guaranteed by the chef and owner who moved from Punjab to Chiang Mai. All dishes are freshly made. All curries on the menu are available with the option to chose the level of spiciness. The food was not only reasonably priced but unbelievably delicious. We actually went back a couple more times to eat. You can call to reserve a table or order Delivery, but if you’re a fan of Indian food or are curious, I highly recommend this shop.

Facebook Fanpage: Indish Restaurant Bar and Grill

Nice Kitchen

This cafe sells food from almost every nationality. That international menu includes BBQ Chicken Quesadillas, a Tortilla pizza, and ham & cheese panini with freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies. The shop has been operating and has been known to tourists since 2002. Open from 7.00-17.00, it is closed every Monday.

Nowhere Coffee Brewer

Small coffee shop with a relaxing atmosphere. It has a slow life and in tune with nature, feel to it. On the second floor of the shop, there are clothes designed in Japanese style. But really, the highlight of this shop is the coffee beans. Nowhere coffee purchases their beans directly from local farmers and roast the beans on-site. This shop boasts a lot of knowledge and a deep love for coffee.

Facebook Fanpage: Nowhere Coffee Brewer

Bart Coffee

Near Nowhere Coffee, on the same side, there is a small white coffee shop. Outside is a bar that seats two people. The shop seats no more than four people at a time. The white walls are filled with handwritten messages and sketches left by visitors. Mostly in Korean, English, and Chinese languages. The most popular menu item is the Dirty Coffee menu, a rich coffee with aromatic milk.

Facebook Fanpage: Bart Coffee

Path Old City

On the opposite side of Bart Coffee is a cute Korean-style dessert shop.
If you want to eat, you have to queue together as long as the tail. Path, Old City shop, has a great menu called Dakuwaju, or simply called it. Among the regulars, one the menu is 다쿠 아즈, which is transcribed into dacquoise. This a dessert cake is made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream on a biscuit base. At old Path, it served with an Espresso and cream.

Facebook Fanpage: Path 

Tuan Jai Chicken

Fried chicken with chili paste and sticky rice has stood with Chiang Mai for more than 40 years. Is well known to the people of Chiang Mai.

Mae La-Or Meatballs

The longer you stay in Thailand, the more you notice a deep love for this quick and easy fried treat. A favorite amongst college students. This shop has the advantage of spicy, sweet, and mixed dipping sauces.

Lung Heng Japanese Crepe

Crepes with your choice of filling and deliciousness of the dough. Charming and a good price. You can see him around the area on a daily basis. Sometimes there will be a line, so the earlier you arrive, the better.

Nes Cafe

NES is a small coffee shop where many foreigners like to sit and conjugate. On the outside wall of the building, there is a graffiti mural that captures your attention immediately. This whole section is littered with art pieces scattered on different partitions.

Ginger & Kafe The House

A restaurant that has been with Chiang Mai for a long time since 2003, The House by Ginger, has become a staple of Chiang Mai’s social life. You can start late in the afternoon, eat coffee, sip tea, take a walk, and eat. Food and cocktails at The House has a luxury feel, look, and taste. The environment is enhanced by the great music selection that’s played. It is not too loud, so you can maintain a good conversation if you go with friends.

Facebook Fanpage: The House by Ginger


The first time hearing price of ramen at this shop, your jaw will drop to the ground. It’s only 35 baht for a bowl of ramen with a mellow soup, vegetables, and pork. I know what you’re thinking, what can you really get for that price. But don’t be fooled by the price, its a full flavor bowl that will satisfy your ramen cravings. The main customers here are tourists and older people within the community.

Facebook Fanpage: Gohanya 

Mom Made

Before COVID, this place was thriving a guesthouse. But to survive in these uncertain times learning how to adapt is the best strategy. And their salvation came in the form of fried pork. They started to cook up traditional fried pork and sold it, starting through deliveries.
It then started to become so popular that they decided to open up a small storefront. If you want to eat here, you have to be patient. This shop does not fry leftovers. So every order is hot, fresh, and delicious.

Facebook Fanpage: Mom Made

Arte House

In the chaotic Alley, there is an oasis of a slow lifestyle at this coffee shop. Eat coffee, drip, and listen to good music. It is a very minimalist shop other than tables, chairs, coffee machines, and coffee. Simple and calm.

The Falafelist

Many of the falafel shops have disappeared from Chiang Mai to the point there isn’t almost any left. A highly recommended and worthwhile set is the Falafel Platter, a falafel dish with Pita Bread; you can have 3 sauces out of 5 to select from. The servings are more than generous. So i can’t imagine anyone leaving here hungry.
In addition to falafel, the shop also offers good-tasting pasta with fresh ingredients. If you’re like me, you’ll more than enjoy their version. Since they add a spicy twist.

Facebook Fanpage: The Falafelist

KhunKae’s Juice

KhunKae’s Juice is the goddess of juicing and juicing. Whether ist a vegetable, fruit, root, or herbs, it can be mixed into a drink. You can smell the fruit juice’s flavor to the fullest, sweet, natural, enjoyable, that the shoots look rich and healthy, worth trying.

Facebook Fanpage: Khunkae’s Juice

By Hand Artisan Pizza

Near the temple on the left, you will find a hand-made pizza shop. The storefront has a brick oven that uses longan and lychee wood to heat it up. The pizza crust here is soft, not too thick, and not too thin pizza crust. They use nothing but local ingredients to construct their menu. The flavors and aesthetics of this pizza parlor should be able to satisfy even the pickiest pizza lover.

Facebook Fanpage: By Hand Artisan. Pizza

Dao Khanong Northern Thai Food

Selling full favored curries that are popular dining options. The restaurant opens at 3:30 p.m. and closes when the restaurant runs out. It should be noted that they get busy as soon as they open up.

Location: ดาวคะนองสาขาเชียงใหม่ 

Rot Yiam Noodles

Among all the beef noodle shops scattered throughout Chiang Mai, this is a favorite amongst the locals. It is always busy, but that just means the noodles here are that good. This little shop has high standards when it comes to cleanliness. The price may seem high, but it’s not that expensive compared to what you actually get.

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