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Kita Yakitori & Grilled Seafood

Yakitori is a Japanese type of skewered chicken and is a favorite item at an Izakaya, which is a common Japanese gastropub. The brainchild of Chef Kai and Cook with Love, Kita Yakitori is taking this concept and providing it in a street food setting.  
Setup in front of the well known Pantip plaza, the smell of beef fils the night air. You can hear laughter and see the drinks coming as nothing goes better with grilled meat than a cold beer. Where the distinction between street food and Kita Yakitori is evident, in their beer arsenal, they are providing some Thailand’s best craft beers and more than a reasonable price which one bottle starts at 185 baht.
 It does not stop at the beer! In the selections of meat skewers to chose from you can select wagyu beef for only 85 baht. Each bite from the wagyu skewer was tender and juicy! The quality offered here is entirely head and shoulders above your typical street food selection.
If you are coming hungry, they have dishes like Tonkatsu Pork that can readily fill you up, or if you are just looking to have a light snack while you drink beer you have a choice from gyoza to a seaweed salad can be ordered. They have more than enough to fill you up, and best of all, it is all delicious!

Business Hours: 12:00 – 23:30

Telephone: 086 945 3966

Address: 152/1 Chang Khlan Rd., Chang Khlan, Muang Chiang Mai,

50100 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Website: Kita Yakitori & Grilled Seafood

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