Khao by Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Khao, the new restaurant, is situated in the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai. With a beautiful verdant overlooking the rice paddy fields. Khao by Four Seasons celebrates rice as being a central part of the menu. They’re carrying six different types of rice’s coming from different areas from high mountain elevation to sea-level farms to serving cocktails made using rice-based alcohol.


Part of the development of the menu was learning and understanding Thai cuisine, which includes style and tastes that represent the culinary diversity of the regions.  Khao by Four Seasons is taking authentic recipes and combining it with fine-dining techniques and presentation.  Under the patronage of the Royal Project Foundation, they are receiving ingredients like cheeses, and the local river prawns procured from the base of Doi Inthanon are big! These giant prawns are averaging a weight of about 200 grams and sweet, flavor.

This is a spacious restaurant is made up of three different stations. The first one you will see is a small intimate room that is considered the specialty room, which carried coffee and tea. The supplier of the tea is a company called Monsoon Tea which is known for growing their tea in the mountains without out doing mass deforestation. Because their plants get to mature in a very lush and diverse surroundings, the taste is entirely different from its competitors.

The second station is a live kitchen where one can see their dishes being freshly prepared. While the third station holds cheeses, desserts and fresh vegetables that they also obtain through The Royal Project Foundation. Walking through this room is very aromatic since everything is pristine.



You can book a table on their Facebook.

Khao at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Facebook

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