Hendrick’s Workshop at The Red Room by David’s Kitchen

The seminar by Hendrick’s at The Red Room by Davids Kitchen left me impressed with not only the workshop but the Gin itself. The venue, the staff,  the design, and the atmosphere was expertly together.   It had a vintage but rugged look and felt which I loved.

The Hendrix representative was not only able to give us a brief background of Gin but how Hendrix stood apart from what else is available in the market. Tasha let us know that Hendrix gets it distinctive flavors from using 11 different herbs. Some of the ingredients that include are coriander seeds, ginger, lemon, and sage is imported from Eastern Europe and Morocco.  The Juniper berries are from Italy provide an exotic, spicy, bittersweet taste. The one that stood out the most was the Orris root that is aged up to three years! Besides 11 herbs two ingredients are painstakingly instilled into the gin. One is the oils pressed and extracted from rose petals and the soul of a cucumber, which is obtained by mashing and mixing with water.

Tasha Lu gave us a crash course on how to make cocktails.  She showed us how to make a couple of cocktails that would be a perfect way to introduce Gin to someone.  The first drink we learn how to make was the East Side, which is a twist of the vodka cocktail West Side. Tasha was very patient with the very obviously nervous and clumsy media in attendance, but she was able to run us through the process like a real pro that she is. From showing us how to muddle the mint and cucumbers to expertly explaining every tool we were using and why we were using it. This workshop was positively enjoyable. As for the cocktail itself?? I am a fan of East Side which ingredients included lemon juice and mint. It was very refreshing and felt like a perfect cocktail for those hot summers days.


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