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Food Journey: Tijuana, Mexico

Only about a 3-hour drive from Los Angeles, this makes for a great day trip. We stopped by the famed Avenida Revolucion in Tijuana. This place is usually the prime stop for first-time visitors. Here you can find anything from trinkets, leather crafts to musicians that are ready to perform for you on the spot, with an advance payment of course.

Of course, everywhere you looked there were amazingly tasty looking places to eat. However, for me, I wasn’t looking to sit down meal and eat at a fancy restaurant. I came to try tacos at the local taquerias.

Tacos de Pastor

Found on a street corner in Tijuana, Mexico, these tacos were only about 50 baht for three tacos. Fast, Tasty, and Affordable. I could have easily eaten ten more!! It’s not a pretty sight, but these were absolutely delicious!!

The pork is marinated in a blend of chilies, seasonings, and pineapple. It is then slowly cooked with a gas flame on an upright rotisserie called a trompo which is similar to how shawarma is prepared. The meat is thinly sliced off the rotisserie and served on tortillas, with chopped onions, cilantro, usually hot salsa and a slice of lime. This Al Pastor is common in not just tacos, but also burritos, huaraches, and tortas.


 Giant Tacos

The tacos we had at this location named La Chuleta were not only big but they came packed with almost everything! The tacos came stuffed with guacamole, pinto beans, pico de gallo,  crema (Mexican sour cream) and of course your choice of meat. All packed onto freshly handmade corn tortillas.

Handmade tortillas add a different texture and layer when you are eating a taco. Moreover, while you can find many different restaurants and carts in any part of Mexico that make their tortillas. None of the ones I encountered where close to being the same size as this place!

Snack Time

To end my trip to Tijuana Mexico, we stopped by a local ice cream shop. Packed with real chunks of fruit I go for my favorite flavor, Strawberry. Of course, “paletas,” as they’re referred to in Spanish, they have plenty of other flavors like coconut, chocolate, lime, mango, etc.. Honestly couldn’t think of a better way to finish off a day of feasting.

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