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Edible Flowers by Pascal Aussignac

Bonne cuisine et bon vin, c’est le paradis sur terre.’ – Henri IV
“Great cuisine and good wine is a paradise on earth” Henri IV

This quote popped up in my mind when I attended the “Unique Journey to French Flavors” at Shangri La Chiang Mai. The Michelin Star Chef, Pascal Aussignac was at the helm of  this culinary adventure. Chef Pascal proved King Henri IV is right. His concept of cooking is that every dish should have three outstanding flavors. Most of the ingredients used in this event are made from local products, to guarantee the freshness of the dishes he made and the result was marvelous!

Amuse Bouche

Glazed grapes with puffed rice and grains, very refreshing dish, it’s a great start of the meal.

Courgette flower Primavera, spicy carrot jus dill vinaigrette

A dish that felt like it represented summer left me stunned as I did not know that the Zucchini flowers were this delicious. The filling was full of surprises, different textures, and flavors. Paired with VEUVE DU VENAY BRUT, what an exquisite beginning.

Goose Foie Gras Pipérade and Crab

Chef combined a favorite dish of Southern France, Foie Gras and Pipérade (which is similar to ratatouille ) its unique taste had a touch of spiciness from the pepper of Basque. The aforementioned is one the specialties of his London based restaurant “Club Gascon.”  The crab meat and foie gras were well seasoned and danced harmoniously with the canelé. Perfectly paired with a white wine,  TRIMBACH ALSACE, REISLING 2014.

Chanterelles pie and wild mushroom fricassee, parsley oil, black garlic

Mushroom and garlic fans will rejoice with this dish; Chef stated that this dish is truly a taste of France. This dish included a fragrant fermented black garlic with mushrooms varying in different characteristics of textures that included deep-fried and stir-fried. Which all came together with an excellent pie and tri-color sauce. This dish wonderfully satisfying. This one dish was paired with LIRAC LOU CAMINE ORGIER RHONE 2016.

Black Cod Red Radish, Seaweed Pearls, and Salsify

Beaming with the aroma of the sea, I received a well-seared cod covered in a blanket of seaweed pearls. With my soul was and my appetite fully satisfied, for me, this was the best dish of the night. Sight: visually beautiful, it was a work of art. Smell: the essence of the sea on my plate, had me salivating. Taste: delicious! Because of the intense flavors and spirit of the cod, the sommelier chose CHANSON PERE &FILS BURGUNDY 2015 to go with this dish.

8 – 12 August 2018

Lunch: 11.30 – 02.30 p.m.  THB 1,388++ per person

Dinner: 06.00 – 10.00 p.m.  THB 1,888++ per person

Advance reservation required, limited seating available.
For further inquiries and booking Call: +66 53 253 888 or


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