Day Dreaming at the Drunken Flower

The Drunken Flower is a bar that had been around for many years and was a hangout for many locals in the Nimmanhaemin area. Located on Soi 17, this hidden but well-known bar has just come under new management. Keeping most of the decor of the previous owner the most prominent changes came to the menu. From coffee to some surprisingly delicious dishes!

You might be asking yourself, ” Why is it surprising?”. Well, one of the courses I got to partake of would be considered more on homely side of the menu. Usually, meals like this are not attached to words like delicious, but boy was this delightful! The meats decorating the bowl are a Chinese sausage that was sweet, while the fried meatballs had a crispy texture and an intense smoky flavor. Topped off with shallots, green onions, and spicy red pepper. Each item in this bowl stood on its own, distinctive and fresh but when mixed together they blended so well and it just gastronomic pleasure.

The next plate that left my mouth watering was Hunglay Pork.  I am already a fan of Hunglay, but I felt that one I received at The Drunken Flower was spicier than I have tasted before. However, it was perfect for me! Sweet and savory, with the tender pork meat falling apart. I was in heaven.

For those wanting an excellent breakfast or a good meal to go with your beer in the evening, I cannot recommend the Drunken Flower enough.

Recommended: Hunglay Pork, Khao Tom

Business Hours: 08.00-24.00 closed every Monday

Telephone: 097 523 5666

Address: 28/3 Nimmanahaeminda Road Lane 17
Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50200

Website: The Drunk Flower

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