Chiang Mai Craft Fest!

Chiang Mai Craft Fest just wrapped up this weekend! If you are a fan of craft beer and are in Chiang Mai, this was the place to be. They had beer companies from all over Thailand representing their region and presenting their unique crafts.

With more than 40  brands on site selling their crafts, Chiang Mai Craft Fest was an ambitious endeavor. Hosted at artist-friendly, Bob’s Space, The two-day festival even managed to book Yokee Playboy and Soul After Six, two bands which respectively have a huge fan base and following.

The event itself was a success as both expats and locals were seen mixing and mingling in the crowd. When you walked in you were given a glass not only commemorated the even but was also use to fill your beers. For purists, there were stations to wash your glass after every brew. Cleaning your glass is done, so it does not affect the taste of your next drink. Beer enthusiasts from all over and all age ranges came to enjoy the best that Thailand had to offer.

One of the beers that stood out for me was Munich Weizen Wheat Beer by Ladybräu.  Weizen is an ale made with barley and wheat malt and known as a “white beer,” but Ladybräu brewed it Munich style, which is traditionally brown. Based in Bangkok this craft company unit consists of German Brewmasters and Thai and German Business owners. Thir goal is to be “the best German beer in Thailand”  while using a heavy Thai influence.  I think they are very well on their way and you should be paying attention.

Chiang Mai Craft Fest was the brainchild of pioneer and local brewer and owner of My BEER Friend, Maow. He has been helping to change the beer scene Chiang Mai since 2014. From underground bootlegs brewing to selling beers in a makeshift alley bar to a respected company. Maow from My Beer Friend has now done it all from the love of beer.

My Beer Friend is an experimental nano-brewery located in Chiang Mai. Their signature brewing style is always adding local ingredients to their beers such as their Wheat Beer contains wheat from the Samoeng District, Their ESB ale contains natural Longan honey, while their Porter beer is produced with Chiang Mai fame WAWEE coffee. Humble as always Mao does not consider himself a brewmaster, just someone that enjoys We just enjoy brewing and sharing their happiness with everyone.

Did you miss out on the Chiang Mai Craft fest?

Well, don’t worry you can always grab a quality beer at one of the many local craft beer bars in town which include My Beer Friend MarketThe Grumpy Old Men : My BEER Friend Taproom , Craffity • craft beer & home bar plus many more!

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