Chiang Mai Design Week 2017

Chiang Mai Design Week is a festival in which creative designers, craftsmen, artists and entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai. Providing a space where people can collectively share design knowledge between local and international designers. This event hopes build networks to help expand domestic and international business opportunities. The festival hopes on creating shared experiences with design by inviting the younger generation, local communities, tourists to participate with large interactive installations to by also offering free crafting classes.

The Begining

I started my exploration of Chiang Mai Design Week at the TCDC, where I got a chance to walk through the Collective Craft exhibit.
Choosing 29 different people from all types of backgrounds to careers were asked to showcase a personal everyday object that has one way or another help shape the country. We all tend to overlook everyday items, but at some point, these household items did not exist and were created to help better our lives. In Thailand, there is nothing that represents this the most than the rubber band. From the small circles that help prevent your food from spilling to slingshot that man still use for hunting.

After taking in the rest of the Collective Art Exhibit, I took advantage of the free shuttle the festival is offering to transport you between all the exhibits and activates that are going on throughout the city. The next stop for me was the Chiang Mai Historical Centre where a craft workshops were taking place. From wood carving to umbrella painting I was able to talk, touch and learn about the crafting that was going on.

The whole space between the center and the three kings monument had exhibits and interactive displays. At the Three Kings monument, there was an info stand where I stopped to ask about the next shuttle. I have to say that this whole festival seems to be well organized. They set up the shuttles near an information booth where friendly staff provides you with information and a map.

Pop Market

The next stop for me was Pop Market. I arrived a little too early for this section. Though I get to explore 80% of the vendors that were supposed to there. I would recommend coming here later on in the evening or possibly make it your last stop. Live bands, food, alcohol, and vendors will be selling all types of unique items. From jewelry to backpacks. There are also some works of art on display like “Flatten” a bicycle that’s made out almost entirely flat materials and layered

Showcases, Workshops Activities, and the Pop Market are all going on until the 10th of December. For more information please visit Chiang Mai Design Week 2017.

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