Chef Marco Stabile in Chiang Mai

Shangri-La is well on its way to continue their mission to shape and elevate the culinary experience in Chiang Mai. The quality of their food and the level of Chef they continue to bring to their restaurants speak volumes of their love and dedication to high cuisine.

Chef Marco Stabile

To start their quest in 2019, they brought back Michelin Star Chef Marco Stabile. The first-time Chef took us on a unique journey through Northern Italian flavors. Where he wowed local foodies with his elaborate signature dish, Tuscan Grandmother Rituals, which is a dish that embodies the memories of eating at his grandmothers’ table.

Slow cooked potato under hash

2017 Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie, Marquis de Gourlaine, Loire Vally, France

This one of the most interesting dishes of the night. The concept was nostalgic of home cooking in Tuscany after a log fire starts to calm down a potato will be thrown in cinder and as Chef Stabile explains this process of cooking resulted in smoke infusing itself in the flavors.

The dish that was presented to us was a potato that was cooked under the cinder, and the black bits instead of being charcoal were octopus flakes. Served with a with goat cheese made with lemon with olive oil. The flavors were intriguing, to say the least, worked together oh so well.

Duck leg ravioli on foie gras cream and liquorice powder

2013 Palacio Del Burgo, Reserva Rioja, Spain

While the concept of stuffed Ravioli might now be as intriguing as the prior dish. I have to say this dish is absolutely delicious. Made with fresh pasta, stuffed with a perfectly cooked tender duck leg. Every bite was delicious and made add a delicate, savory and rich foie gras cream with liquorice powder what more could you want! Well, I would want more.

Pan seared black cod with Vin Santo teriyaki sauce

2013 Villa San Carlo, Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore DOC, Veneto, Italy

Black Cod store a lot of fat in the form of omega-3’s and have the highest content of any white fish.  Which gives it a unique texture and creamy qualities.  With an unusual character and flavor profiles, it is easily heightened by Asian cuisine methods.

Chef Marco takes advantage of this as he serves a flawlessly prepare seared black cod. He spruces up this dish by using a  Vin Santo wine to add his own twist on the well known and beloved by many, teriyaki sauce.  Exquisite.

Lamb cooked under the hay,

helichrysum pesto and celeriac puree

2016 Cullen, Diana Madeline, Bordeaux Blends, Margaret River, Australia

I love lamb, I enjoy the flavors, the texture, just everything and I believe this dish embodied the spirit of the evening. Simple in nature, subtle in its twists. It fooled you until you took a bite.

At a glance, without reading the description of the food, you would believe that you were served mash potatoes with your lamb, but it is not. It is actually celeriac puree which had a refreshing flavor and feel. An earthy taste that complimented the lamb I was pleasantly surprised as this was my first experience trying celery root.


Milk, Caramel, Salt

You have probably seen this recipe more commonly used as hard candies. While some have served it as a drink. Chef Marco Stabile served it in a bowl. Surrounded by milk foam,  a semi-round ball of caramel waited to be broken down and mixed into the milk. Each whisk I made left a caramel streak across the foam which amused and satisfied the kid in me.

In his last interview Chef Marco Stabile was quoted saying that this would ” be a very gastronomic surprise in the simplicity…” It might have been simple in nature, but the flavors and the execution were that of a Chef worth of his Michelin Star.

For those that are interested in booking a table, Chef Marco will only be in Chiang Mai for 4 days. The dates and times are listed below for all who are interested. Booking in advance is encouraged as tables fill up pretty quickly.

23-27 January 2019

Dhala Wine Lounge, Level 1

PRICE: THB 1,388thb++ per person (food only) / Dinner: 6pm to 10pm THB 1,888thb++ per person (food only). A choice of wine pairing: 3 wines 588thb net / 5 wines 1,188thb net / 5 wines (Sommelier recommended) 1,588thb net 6 wines 2,588thb net.

Advance reservation required, limited seating available.
For further inquiries and booking Call: +66 53 253 888 or Email us at:

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