Chef Art at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Chef Art

Chef Art brings his culinary skills to the third edition of the Thailand Culinary Masters Series. Majoring in politics, he moved to America where he was working in many restaurants before deciding to enroll in the Seattle Culinary Academy. He would eventually launch a western and Thai fusion restaurant in Seattle which was critically acclaimed. After spending nine years in the U.S.A, he decided to move back home to Bangkok and is now working at The Hidden Terrace.

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Prasopchoke Trakulpat aka Chef Art believes cooking is an artistic process. With a passion for food since childhood, he has been commended for taking Thai cuisine to the world stage and winning several accolades along the way.

Appetizerfour seasons, chiang mai, four seasons chiang mai, cnx chef art

Smoked Trout “Po-Tak,” the trout came from the Royal Project, and the aromatic dressing was dry freezed, so it gave for a dramatic plating at the table. So many flavors and textures! It was a real experience


Goong Narm Ngiew four seasons, chiang mai, four seasons chiang mai, cnx chef art

Goong Narm Ngiew was another odd but exciting dish. The Lanna Red curry had a broth that infused with Cotton Flowers. The River Prawns were shaped into square shapes. Again an interesting plating but I loved the flavors of the soup and couldn’t help but eating it all.

Chile Rellenos

four seasons, chiang mai, four seasons chiang mai, cnx chef art

To me, this dish was a complete surprise. I’m an avid fan of Mexican food so of course, I have to admit I was a bit bias but i truly enjoyed this dish.  Doing a famous tradition of Mexican with traditional Thai ingredients, it was a fantastically creative and flawless execution.  The chilies were filled with pulled smoked black pork dipped in an egg-battered and fried. The sauce that traditionally comes with this dish was Chef’s Art take on Mole.  He added chocolate to a traditional tomato-based sauce that’s local flavor of Northern Thailand. Amazing meal and execution!

Khao Soi Gai?

four seasons, chiang mai, four seasons chiang mai, cnx chef art

Another interesting, creative and complex take on a traditional dish, this time it was Khao Soi. Khao Soi Gai, if you don’t know is a Noodle based curry soup that comes with a piece of chicken. Chef Art took a soup based dish and transformed into an iconic American dish. Chicken and Waffles! The waffles were made from rice which represented the noodles. It was served with foie gras flakes, pickled pak warn and curried espuma dressing. Aroi Mak!


Rice Pudding

To end the dinner, we had a unique take on rice pudding. It was flavored creme brulee ice cream, mango daifuku, passion fruit foam with a rice cracker sitting on top. My friend sitting across from me finished her dish before I got a good picture!

four seasons chiang ma, chiang mai

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is always hosting beautiful dinners and creative Chefs! Be sure to keep an eye on their facebook page to be updated on upcoming events.

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