Anne’s 2017 Picks for Burgers in Chiang Mai

The Hamburgers origins have continuously been unclear, but its first documented form is The Hamburg steak. The name is initially from HamburgGermany‘s second-largest city. In the early eighteenth century, Hamburg steak was famous mostly among the Germans, who claimed to have invented it.  A Hamburg beefsteak is made from ground beef or other cheap beef parts sometimes it would be mixed with eggsbread, or onions. After being incorporated, its formed into a patty, where it is then cooked by any different methods, depending on the cook it can be either by roasted, fried, or smoked. The dish that eventually made its way to America via migrating Germans and eventually became a mainstream dish around the start of the nineteenth century.

The difference between the Hamburg steak and the hamburger: The above refers to just a beef patty, while the hamburger is a sandwich dish. It is not known who was the originator of the Hamburger, as many have staked a claim as to who was the first to create the sandwich. The one thing that is known for sure is that White Castle was the very first Hamburger Fast Food Chain.

A high-grade hamburger patty is made entirely of ground beef, and it goes up in quality depending on the cuts that you use. The most well known and often used would be the Chuck steak. Other cuts would include either Round or Brisket that would be mince and mixed with short ribs for its fat content. When making an excellent patty, you need a high-fat ratio to help the patties stay moist and juicy. The usual patty is made up of a “lean beef to fat ratio,” and that numbers usually stand at around  70/30 or 80/20.

Chiang Mai has come a long way since the first foreign restaurants opened up their doors. Those pioneers have paved the way for the growth of the local palate and the skills in the kitchen. On our list today we present to you the results, the evolution and the best of what Chiang Mai has to offer in the form of the Cheeseburger. Once looked down by expats and tourists, CNX’s burger scene has grown up and has caught up with its culinary counterparts.

Beast Burger

Starting in late 2014 as a food truck Beast Burger has built quite a reputation in Chiang Mai as having the best burgers in town and its hard not to see why.  While many places boast about using Australian beef, Beast Burger is very proud of using only never frozen Thai beef. Their patties weighed around 110 grams per patty and made fresh daily. They just use ground beef and salt and pepper as the seasoning to make their patties. They use to bake their buns, but since running into issues with space, they have opted to outsource their bread but still use their bread recipe.

Topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and beast sauce what stood out the most from The Beast was the all-beef patty. It was hands down the best-tasting patty out of all the burgers I tasted. The in-house sauce, “beast sauce,” complimented the burger very well. I can see why Beast Burger has earned themselves a 4.9 rating on Trip Advisor.

Business Hours

Monday — Saturday
[Closed Sundays]

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
5:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Tel. 080 124 1414

Beast Burger FB & Website


The Duke’s

A staple and a local legend, The Duke’s is known in Chiang Mai. From pizzas to burgers when one is looking for western food Duke’s is usually one of the first ones to come up. We got a chance to see behind the scenes and see what Duke’s does that makes them such a local favorite. Moreover, they do it all! From grinding the meat themselves to baking their bread on site Duke’s does it all.

The beef patties, made from Australian Chuck steak,  weight 120 grams. The special of November is “America’s Best Burger” which starts at 195 baht. The inception of this burger comes from a recipe they received from the States. The medium rare cooked patty is topped with American cheese and caramelized onions and rounded off with classic iceberg lettuce and tomato. The fact that everything The Duke’s serves on your plate is virtually entirely made in-house is also the reason you should give them a try if you have not yet.

Business Hours


10:30 am – 11:30 pm

Tel: 053 249 231

The Duke’s FB & Website

Viking Jungle Burger

Known for making large burgers, Viking Jungles now has a new location in the city! This was our first time trying Viking Jungles as the original site is quite far outside the city. I had seen the pictures, and read reviews from the customers talking about the size, but did not count on it tasting this good!

A 150-gram patty is molded when you place an order! As the burger sizzles on the grill, the cheddar cheese is placed on top to make the cheese melt, a bit of water on the hot grill and the burgers are covered instantly melting the cheese and coats the meat like lava.  The burgers are delicious, but what stood out the most was the bread. The buns are ideal for my taste in burgers. It was sponge style bun just fits the burger perfectly. This style of bun absorbs everything from the burger from the meat juices to the cheese and 170 baht it is quite a deal.

Business Hours

Closed Mondays

4:30pm – 10:30pm

Viking Jungles FB

Kitchen Sol-Hy

Kitchen Solhy is food truck that you will find on the very popular and busy Nimmanhaemin road. Their food truck is not just any regular truck but a solar-powered vehicle that has panels on the roof of the car.  Solhy is different from everyone on the list because they only serve sliders. Which is just a smaller size burger but this little burger would lose to anyone when it comes to quality and taste.

This tiny package is carrying a whopping 100 grams of Thai beef, cheddar cheese, pickles and crispy bacon. I love the crispy bacon! It tastes like an American cheeseburger, and any expats or tourist missing home would be delighted when taking a bite out of this tiny monster. The pink buns are made from beetroot a homage to the owners, Bruces, mother who had a battle with breast cancer. The sliders start at 100 baht, and it is worth every baht.

Nimman Hours

five nights a week off Sunday and Tuesday


Chiang Mai Speed Kart

five days a week except for Sunday and Wednesday

11am-2 pm

Kitchen Sol-Hy FB

Maya Burger Queen

Formerly owned by a from a chef in London the first Maya Burger Queen was open four years ago where it has built a fanbase. The new owner has then decided to open a shop in Chiang Mai that has been open for one year and eight months.  Most of the recipes are the same, but some have a Thai Twist to it, and this is where they stand out from the rest. These new flavors she has added to her burgers compliment them and are very delightful.

Maya Queens Burger using 170 grams of Australian beef, cheddar cheese, fresh tomato, lettuce served with a side of fresh-cut fries. All for 159 baht! The sweet potato and pumpkin with an avocado veggie burger are also quite popular with her customers for those who also like to try something new.

Business Hours

Open Everyday

1pm – 12:30 am

Maya Burger Queen FB

Rock Me Burger

Rock Me Burger needs no introduction. From its inception, they have been wowing their customers with their massive and creative style burgers. It is not all show because these burgers are good!

Using a pumpkin puree as the base for their buns they are baked fresh every morning in the shop. Rock Me cheeseburgers carry 150 grams blend of Thai and Australian beef. The burger pictured is called Rock Me To Heaven which comes with a slice of smoked cheddar cheese, bacon, red onions and ducks eggs are used to make the omelet. The duck has a creamier texture that is just heavenly. All this for 190 baht. The patty and fries are both seasoned with Himalayan salt, while the french fries are also fresh cut daily. Rock Me Burger has some fantastic burgers, but they are as good as they look so you will not be disappointed.

**Rock Me will be opening a new location in Nimman Soi 15  Soon**

Business Hours:

Open Everyday


Rocke Me Burger FB

I’m Happy

What goes better than fries with a burger? A good beer! I’m Happy is one of Chiang Mai’s newest additions to the evergrowing and expanding culinary and beer craft scene. They have local IPA’s to imported stouts on Tap and a carnivore-friendly menu to go along with your beer.

170 grams of grounded chuck steak makes up with this patty, cooked medium rare with bacon and cheddar cheese sitting on top; it is a meat lovers dream.  This burger costs  250 baht it is not the cheapest on the list, but it sure is worth it.

Busines Hours

8 am-Midnight

I’m Happy FB

Thank God It’s Fry Day

I accidentally stumbled upon this little restaurant. Owned and operated by a single person! He does it all from burgers to pasta. Only open for three months but his followers are growing. I would say this is my budget-friendly pick for the list. It is a simple but tasty quality at affordable prices.

This burger patty comes in weighing 160 grams, comes with fresh vegetables and the bread is made daily. The cheeseburger alone costs 130 baht, but you can get a combo with soda for only 159 baht. Simple, delicious, affordable, what else do you need?

Business Hours

10:00 am – 10:00pm

Thank God it’s Fry Day FB

Call 081 594 4441

Fat Elvis

 A great spot to get American style bar food. The burger is simple and straight to the point no bells and whistles though they have something on the menu to please any and every palate.
Fat Elvis grinds meat from chuck steak and forms a patty that comes in weighing in at 150 grams. Loaded with fresh ingredients and served with a side of hand cut fries which were nice and crispy. This plate comes in costing 179 baht. Come in on a Wednesday and take advantage of their Buffalo Wings special! 99 baht for ten pieces! Served with your choice of homemade ranch dressing or blue cheese. Oh, it is so good!
Business Hours
12 pm to Midnight
call 097 137 3380

Classic Burger

Having the feel and looks like old American style burger stand. It kind of feels like an old train car. Even though it is a small shop, it produces some big flavors The menu and selection is every burger fans dream. The burgers here coming in weighing 150 grams. You can choose between or well done. It comes topped with cheddar cheese, tomato, and iceberg lettuce.

With that being said, I hate to be the bearer of bad new but Classic burgers will shut down in April of next year. The reason it still made my list is because they grind the own beef which includes rib and they have the best french fries in town. Yes, they are fresh-cut daily, but the way it is prepared is just flawless! Best French Fries in town!

Business Hours

9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Call 053 287 545

Classic Burgers FB

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