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2 Michelin Starred chef Anthony Genovese has temporarily moved his kitchen to Chiang Mai. We are more than delighted to try the Taste of Roma. Not many know this, but for Thais, they sometimes find the Original taste of Western food too salty. Fortunately, the chef has had many years of experiences working around Asia. Every dish’s taste is well balanced and has flavors that both Westerners and Thais can enjoy.

The set that we have today are 8 dishes for that is planned to be the dinner set. Shangri-la’s Sommelier recommended 6 wine pairings; unfortunately, this is the press round; he was afraid that 6 glasses of wine would affect our work tomorrow. So he just gave the 2016 Mercury, Vigne du Domaine, Domaine Louis Max, France with a pasta dish and Taurasi Riserva “Radici” Mastroberardino, Campania Italy with the main dish. Moreover, these are all the dishes we tried at “A New Culinary Era in Chiang Mai” Anthony’s Kitchen’s Media Night.

Amuse Bouche

This dish is a Salmon tartlet with the reduction of salmon bone in the flour container. Another one is flour stuffed with Aubergine purée and tofu sauce. The dish is light, but it arouses your taste bud. The robust flavors of salmon and cream are then washed away by the apricot consommé which has kefir lime leaf and lemongrass.

Long Xiao Bao Sturgeon, Fig, Fig Oil

NV Pitas, Spumante Italy

Looks like steamed ravioli in Xiao Long Bao shape, the sweetness of the fig and the aroma of fig oil goes very well with sturgeon filling.

Il Viaggio

Ricciola Foie Gras e Longan
Amber Jack Foie Gras and Longan
2017 Gibele Zibbibo, Carlo Pellegrino, Sicily, Italy

“The journey” is the name of the dish. It is the thinly sliced raw Fresh Amberjack and foie gras in coconut water and lychee juice with a splash of lime juice. It tastes like a salad that has a blend of sweetness and sour taste from natural with the aroma complexity of lychee, longan, and lime. It is a refreshing dish, and it is also the signature dish of Chef Anthony’s restaurant in Rome.

Gambero Rosso Rosa Mirtilli e Scalogno

Red Prawn, Rose, Blueberries, and Shallots
2017 Damilano “Arnies” Langhe, Piedmonte, Italy

Perfectly cooked red prawn dusted with tomato powder topped with deep-fried dried shrimp you think it is impossible to go together? No. It is delicious.


Le Fettuccine in Due Sapori Two Flavors Fettuccine Pasta
2016 Mercury, Vigne du Domaine, Domaine Louis Max, France

Today’s best dish for a pasta lover like me is this one! It is a two-tone pasta. One side is combined with cocoa powder; another side is corn powder. It is firm and good in terms of texture, sautéed with Chanterelle.

Risone Grancio e Negroni

Risone Grancio e Negroni
Risone Pasta, Crab and Negroni
2017 Cassiopea Rosato Poggio al Teasoro Bolgheri, Tuscany, Italy

This dish is a rice-shaped pasta Orzo or Risone in a crab cream sauce. To be honest, I can not stop myself shoveling it into my mouth. By this dish, I am pretty full already.

Il pollo di Bresse, Vov, Curry Nero e Lumachel

Bresse Chicken, Vov, Black Curry and Snails
2009 Taurasi Riserva “Radici” Mastroberardino, Campania Italy

Bresse Chicken wrapped with grape leaf, next to it is a pocket of orzo sautéed with snail. The outstanding of this dish is the blending of aromas when you start chewing. The sauce is made of beetroot, purple cabbage, and blackberry. Don’t miss the Black curry, to accompany your chicken; it is a mixture of black garlic, spices, curries, lemongrass, and anchovies.

“Formento Nero” Cioccolato re Noce di Pican

The dessert looks very filling, but it is not the spongy buckwheat base goes very well with cream and crispy pecan nuts, and will be overjoyed when eating with ice cream and crumble that come aside.

4-Course Lunch: THB 1,988++/person (food only)
6-Course Dinner: THB 2,588++/person (food only)

Sommelier recommended wine pairing choices:
4 wine pairing at THB 888++
6 wine pairing at THB1,288++

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