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10 Renowned Products of Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai Brand and Chiang Rai Brand Plus +

The trademark of trustworthy products and services that meet international standards.

renowned products of Chiang Rai

The quality of products and services matters most in the consumers’ eyes. Therefore, any product or service with quality certification will become more appealing to the market.

With that in mind, the Office of Provincial Commercial Affairs Chiang Rai has introduced new logos which will guarantee that any product or service labeled with the logos is definitely of high quality and meet international standards, this will not only reassure the consumers, but it will also encourage the local entrepreneurs of Chiang Rai to improve their products and services, implicitly distinguishing and standardizing the products of Chiang Rai. Additionally, the branding will raise the consumers’ awareness of the products, increasing the value of Chiang Rai products and strengthening the growth of local players such as OTOP suppliers, SME entrepreneurs, and Chiang Rai community enterprises.

To receive either Chiang Rai Brand or Chiang Rai Brand Plus + logo, the products need to meet certain standards and embody whether an aspect of the province or its local wisdom. There are multiple categories of products under Chiang Rai Brand and Chiang Rai Brand Plus +, including…

  • Food and Beverage
  • Textiles, Clothing, and Accessories
  •  Household Items, Decorations, and Souvenirs
  • Herb (Non-Food & Non-Medical)
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Others

10 products and services that receive Chiang Rai Brand and Chiang Rai Brand Plus + logos

Athita the Hidden Court Chiang Saen Boutique Hotel

Athita The Hidden Court Chiang Saen Boutique Hotel
Experience Chiang Saen heritage through clay brick and teak woods.

This is a modern Lanna-style boutique hotel with a total of 9 rooms. Constructing mainly from clay bricks and teak woods, the distinctive materials of Chiang Saen, Athita was designed to match the traditional aesthetic of the ancient community. It also offers a dining room that serves marvelous traditional Chiang Saen cuisines; each dish would be decorated with lotus flowers, implying that the hotel was built on top of once the old lotus pond of Wat Athi Ton Kaeo Historic Site. Regardless of whether you just prefer to enjoy their cuisine or spend a night there, you will be totally engulfed by the mesmerizing charm of the place.

Address: 984 Wiang, Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai
Call: 063 426 9464
Facebook: Athita The Hidden Court Chiang Saen


From a rice paper deckle to an unconventional skincare

CEILK is a wordplay of the English word “silk”. By switching the “s” character with an acronym of Chiang Rai International Airport aka. CEI to spell the word, the cleverly-crafted name implies that the product is from nowhere else but Chiang Rai. Originally, the brand’s sericulture operation was solely for paper-making. Until they discovered that a certain protein that was produced by silkworms during their pupal phase; sericin, has the potential of effectively becoming an unconventional component for a skincare product. Consequently, a new brand of skincare was born, and the brand become a major hit not just domestically, but also on the global market. Nowadays, there are various skincare products under the brand CEILK including the natural golden silk mask, the golden silk facial puff, the natural gold silk facial soup, the revita silky day cream, and the revita silky night cream, and the advance anti-age complete serum.

Jirajinna Company Limited
Address: 235 Moo.1 Ko Chang, Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai
Call: 084 536 9324
Facebook: @CeilkbyJinnaluck

Hug Villages

Hug Villages “Embroid with hands, perceive with hearts”

“Hug Villages” is a brand of magnificent textiles with unique embroidered patterns created by combining 7 different types of embroidery and various techniques together with a refined aesthetic and wide imagination, resulting in exquisite patterns. Every textile of the brand is the creation of the village’s disadvantaged citizens, such as elders, tribal people, people in the informal section of the economy, farmers, unemployed workers, and even bedridden patients. Not only does the production of these textiles help generate income for the said people, but it also adds more value to the community.

Hug Villages
Address: 2 Moo.12 Don Sila, Wiang Chai District, Chiang Rai
Call: 088 267 4469
Facebook: @HugvillagesCraftChiangraibywilai62

Smile Bee Honey

Smile Bee, a brand of wildflower honey and longan honey, the nectars of Pa Daet

Produced by the Smile Bee Community Enterprise, both wildflower and longan variants of honey of the brand are exceptionally sweet and mellow. On top of that, the brand’s honey has a relatively long shelf-life due to each bottle being produced in a vacuum which excluded any humidity before disinfecting pathogens over 30 degrees celsius, making Smile Bee honey more resistant to nutrients depletion.

Smile Bee Community Enterprise Limited Partnership
Address: 148 Moo.4 Pa Ngae, Pa Daet District, Chiang Rai
Call: 095 698 8797
Facebook: @Smilebee1111

Jeen Jaw Crochet

Jeen Jaw Crochet
Creative crochet, hundred stylings, millions of colors

The brand has multiple varieties of products including keychains, satchels, tablecloths, scatter cushions, artificial flower vases modified from an ordinary ceramic vase, etc. Moreover, Jeen Jaw Crochet has also invented several unique embroidery patterns inspired by the geographical aspects of Chiang Rai which consists of 7 streams of water, 3 skies, and 35 mountains. Each crochet of Jeen Jaw Crochet is a mix of colorful threads, delicately crafted and pleated together. Additionally, the brand also has been continuously developing new patterns accordingly to the current affairs while also offering a wide range of quirky-looking products as well.

Jeen Jaw Crochet
Address: 20 Moo.11 Siriwiangchai, Wiang Chai District, Chiang Rai
Call: 086 182 0375
Facebook : บ้านจีนเจ้าโครเชต์

Chiang Saen's CBT

Come and discover the astrological secrets behind your name, then visit ancient stupas around the city

Hompaya is an educational center and community-based tourism destination in the ancient city of Chiang Saen. The place has designed a sightseeing route in accordance with insight gained from local divination, the guide will provide visitors with insight regarding each aspect of the area via various activities such as discovering the astrological secrets behind your name, preparing some traditional Lanna oblation before offering them to the local temples that are compatible with your astrological aspects.

Chiang Saen Community Based Tourism Social Enterprise
Address: 117 Moo.3 Wiang, Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai
Call: 062 809 5831 (Mashima Yokying, coordinator)
Facebook: @ChiangSaenActivityCenter


Replacing narcotic plants with a legit cash crop, expanding the forest, and creating a revenue stream for the local community

Macadamia is a type of crop suitable to cultivate at the height of Doi Chang, not to mention that it is also rich in nutrients. With that in mind, the Small and Micro Community Enterprise Doichang Macadamianut has produced and processed macadamia into a flavorful snack and countless other products such as wasabi-flavor macadamia, macadamia oil, and macadamia milk, turning macadamia into an invaluable cash crop that generates income, stimulate employment, and support the growth of the forest.

Small and Micro Community Enterprise Doichang Macadamianut
Address: 25 Moo.26 Ban Doi Chang, Wawee, Mae Suai District, Chiang Rai
Call: 084 739 2418
Facebook: กลุ่มวิสาหกิจชุมชนแปรรูป มะคาเดเมีย at ดอยช้าง

Rungrada Herbal

Rungrada Herbal
From the wisdom of a foremother to a refined herbal-product brand

Utilizing modern technology and science, Rungrada Herbal has improved on the certain foremother’s traditional Thai medicine codex into several brand-new herbal products, using mostly organic herbs from the local community as the ingredients and stimulating employment for the local farmers. The brand products consist of healthcare products made from multiple Thai herbs including glycerin soap made from gac, herbal soap, herbal lotion, herbal-massage ointment, herbal massage oil, herbal shampoo, herbal conditioner, herbal mouthwash, etc.

Rungrada Cosmetics Ltd., Part.
Address: 449 Moo.4 Chedi luang, Mae Suai District, Chiang Rai
Call: 062 728 0086 , 089 232 1740
Facebook : น้ำยาบ้วนปากสมุนไพรรุ่งรดา

Rai Ruen Rom

An Organic Restaurant “Rai Ruen Rom Organic Farm”
A refined dish always starts with good ingredients, and good ingredients always come from a refined farm

197.624 acres of Rai Ruen Rom’s land is divided into three sections, one is the organic farm, another is the accommodation, and the last is a dining place serving dishes mainly made from their farm’s organic products, making each dish, not just tasty but healthy as well. Moreover, the place’s creative effort in processing their agricultural products into unconventional yet delish organic food is also worth mentioning.

Rai Ruen Rom Organic Farm
Address: 97 Moo.10 Ngew, Thoeng District, Chiang Rai
Call: 095 134 8821
Facebook: ไร่รื่นรมย์ เกษตรอินทรีย์ ท่องเที่ยว ออแกนิค Rai Ruen Rom Organic Farm

Chiang Rai Phu Lae Pineapple

Suan Tor Trakul (Chiang Rai Phu Lae Pineapple)
Sweet and Juicy Nang Lae, Sweet and Crunchy Phu Lae

Both Nang Lae and Phu Lae are cultivars of pineapple that had been imported and turned into well-known products of Chiang Rai, gaining the local farmers both fame and revenue. Consequently, the local farmers banded together and founded a community enterprise named Suan Tor Trakul, they collect refined Nang Lae and Phu Lae pineapples across the area and provided the goods to several markets. Additionally, they also promote an improvement of the local pineapple’s quality and process some of the harvested into new products like pineapple sauce, considerably reducing waste in the local pineapple production and simultaneously adding more value to the products.

Suan Tor Trakul (Chiang Rai Phu Lae Pineapple)
Address: 184 หมู่ที่ 13 ต.นางแล อ.เมือง จ.เชียงราย
Call: 089 853 7079
Facebook : สวนต.ตระกูล

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