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My dad used to say, “You are not stupid.” He kept saying this praise after I was kicked out from my primary school because I was adamantly against studying. He would follow that with, “[I’m] a good seed that will grow in many places, under many circumstances, if in the right soil.” Fortunately, I passed the entrance exams to a very good school: Satit Demonstration School of Chiang Mai University. Thanks, goes to this great faculty of Chiang Mai University and my persistent father.

I started my career as a sales representative for a travel magazine and managed to eventually work closely with excellent editors like Geoffrey Walton and John Cardet, whom I owe extreme gratitude. I used to work for Chiang Mai Tourist Guide Magazine, Citylife Magazine, and COMPASS Gourmet & Cuisine to name a few.

I have progressed to opening my own company Lomnua as a content provider which allows me to travel to many places over the world. It is because of this that I decided to write and curate blogs pertaining to food (my love) and travel (my second love) called www.go2askanne.com which the fan-page can be found here (www.facebook.com/go2askanne), which I have been so lucky to work with content from many different areas.

In Early 2016, I decided to close my first-work-child Lomnua Company and open/focus on a new venture, Many Medias. (Though I primarily work in Thai, some aspects are in English and even the bilingual Thai-English).

Will Higuera

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Will grew up surrounded by a melting pot of different cultures, foods, and ethnicities. Naturally, he was raised eating and enjoying meals from all over the world. Exposed to all these different types of flavors, spices and cultures from Korean to Middle Eastern to South American. This has profoundly influenced not only how views the world but how he approaches the subject of food. From learning the techniques of how food is prepared to the history behind them, has all become essential when he tries a new dish.

Eating is not his only love as he does enjoy cooking. He started learning how to cook at the age of 6 his parents. Learning mostly how to cook “Comida Casera” or homemade Mexican food. In his early teens, he spent his summer months throughout many years living in Mexico. He stayed with relatives in Culican, Sinaloa and Huetamo, Michoacan. Learning how to cook, the culture and the country of his parents.

His love for Muay Thai is what first brought him to Thailand, but it was his love for food that took hold of him. Being in Chiang Mai has kept him growing, learning and invigorated his passion for food and Thai culture.

He has written articles, photography, for 1stopChiangMai, 1stopthailand and continues to grow his portfolio every day.